Step by Step Songs DVD ライムプログラム


ステップ ソングスDVDの№3 ライムDVDの収録歌です。

The Painters Song
The Circus Train
Look at All the People !
The Circus Band
What Should I Buy ?
Step Right Up !
The Hippopotamus
The Dancing Bears
Bongo the Circus Bear
The Acrobats
Hey MrStrongman!
The Lion Tamer
The Disappearing Cat
The Juggler’s Jig
Come One,Come All!
The Fat Lady
The Thin Man
The Tall Man
The Small Man
If I Were Tall
If I Were As Small As the Small Man
The Knife Thrower
The Elephant and the Mouse
The Lovely Ladies on Beautiful Horses
The Crazy Mixed-Up Circus

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