Step by Step Songs DVD グリーンプログラム


ステップ ソングスDVDの№2 グリーンDVDの収録歌です。

Look Up! The Sun Is Shining
Let’s Go on a Picnic
We’re Packing a Picnic Basket
Away From the City
Riding Down a Country Road
Green Is GO
I Like My Rooster
Lazy Gus
Which Way?
Where Is Your Right Hand?
We’re Going to Plant a Tree
The Tree in the Hole
Sitting in a Little Boat
Jump-Splash!-Into the Water
How Deep Is the Water?
Look at Me!
The Fish Eats the Worm
We’re Hiking Through the Woods
keep On Climbing
Skip Through the Field
If You Listen
Who Did It?
Twigs and Branches Twigs and Logs
Yummy Yummy Food
Fill Up the Bucket
Cover your Eyes
Yummy Chocolate Cake
Scrub Scrub Scrub
Clean-Up Time
Hush! Hush!
Donald’s Dream
Pull Pull Pull the Rope
The Baseball Song
When the Sky Is Blue
Ooo Ooo Ooo
Eyes and Ears
This Was a Wonderful Picnic
Taking Turns

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