Step by Step Songs DVD イエロープログラム


Step by Step Songs DVD ディズニー英語システム教材の
ステップ ソングスDVDの№4 イエローDVDの収録歌です。

The ABC Song 2
The Rooster’s Song
The Alarm Clock Song
Every Morning
When I Grow Up
When You Are at the Zoo
Which Way ?
The Lion
The Tiger
The Different Giraffe
The Zebra
Five Funny Monkeys
When You’re a Baby Kangaroo
Good Night
Mickey the Zookeeper
Mickey’s Story
When You’re a Detective
A Very Strange Mystery
Who Took the Peanuts ? 1
Who Took the Peanuts ? 2
Quietly Slowly Carefully
The Octopus
You Took the Peanuts!
The Zookeeper’s Helpers
When the Sorcerer Wore His Magic Hat
Mickey’s Work Song
If I Had the Sorcerer’s Magic Hat
Now That I Have This Magic Hat
Mickey Told the Broom
Magic Is Eazy
The March of the Brooms